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Year 3

In Year 3, we follow The Way, the Truth and the Life RE Curriculum.  Please see below for our Year 3 Syllabus which will explain what we cover throughout the year.



Year 3 Syllabus

Current Year 3 Topic: Lenten Half Term: Celebrating the Mass

How the Mass began

The Last Supper

The Sacrifice of the Mass

The New Covenant

The Beginning of the Mass

The Readings at Mass

The Offertory and Consecration

Holy Communion

Our Parish Church


In addition to the above, our children also follow the I Belong First Holy Communion Programme.  Every child, regardless of whether they will go on to do their FHC, is given an I Belong Book and this means we can journey together as a team, supporting each other during this very special time.

This week:


We have been looking at our own St Alban's Parish Church and have completed a virtual tour available at the following link


We have been looking at all the different things we can see inside a Church e.g. The Tabernacle, the altar, the pulpit.  We have been thinking about why they are there and what they are used for.



Thumbs Up Thursday - a chance for you to share your child's RE workbooks and the work they have completed.