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The Romans

Our Trip to Chester- Wednesday 15th October


We had a great time in Chester on Wedneday. We got to meet a Roman Soldier called Octius. He was a little bit scary. He even killed Evie! Have a look at some of our photos and videos from the day!


Putting on the armour and getting ready to march
Octius checking we are smart and ready to go!
Standing to attention
No talking in the ranks!
Finding out how the Romans used to keep clean
Sofia and Thomas having a toilet break with Octius
Finding out about the ampitheatre
Evie's last words
Become the perfect soldier: Step 1- The scarf
Step 2: The armour
Step 3: The belt
Step 4: The Dagger
Step 5: The sword
Step 6: The spear
Step 7: The helmet
Step 8: The shield

The Romans


This half term we will be finding out all about The Romans. We will also be visiting the Roman town of Chester and meeting a real Roman Soldier.


The children have already asked lots of questions that hopefully they will find out the answers to as we explore The Romans in more detail. Keep checking this page to find out the answers!


Jessica- "Who had a battle with The Romans?"


Millie- "How many Romans were there?"


Will- "What did the Romans eat?"


Dylan- "Did they have a Doctor?"


Thomas McGuigan- "What was the Romans favourite food?"


Maddie- "What games do Roman children play?"