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Published 30-03-20

Well done to everyone for completing your first week of home learning! On reflection of the tasks from last week, we have decided to set a variety of 'flexible' tasks (those that don't require submission of work) and 'homework' tasks (those that ask for a file submission). This is because the tasks are set as a guide and something to work through with your child over the coming weeks. We do not want children or families to feel overwhelmed with the work or under any pressure, however some interaction between parents/children and teachers is necessary to continue to support the home learning - fingers crossed a variety of tasks will enable us to keep this balance. I hope you enjoy the second week of your learning from home :)

Miss Bailey


Published 26-03-20

It has been lovely hearing from so many of you on the Show My Homework platform! Whilst the system is not completely fixed in terms of log ins, I have been informed that some children have been able to access the activities set through their parents accounts, which doesn't allow submission of work. Don't worry about submitting work if this isn't possible - the main aim of the platform is for us as teachers to be able to provide you with activities so that your child can continue to learn at home and to help you to organise your child's day during this difficult time. As parents, prioritise the tasks you feel would be manageable, beneficial and enjoyable for your child. There is no need to complete everything if that is not feasible - everybody's situation is different. This is not a time when we want you to feel under extra pressure. Just do work as and when you can and remember that children learn through play and home activities too - so non-structured activities or helping with jobs around the house can be equally beneficial for your child. That being said, some parents have requested more activities as they have found themselves with extra time. I have created a list of lots of educational websites and apps (below) to support various areas of the year 1 curriculum. Use these to supplement tasks set through Show My Homework if you please. 

Miss Bailey


Published 25-03-20

Good morning, I hope you are all feeling well! Just a quick update - there seems to have been a delay with providing log ins for all parents. In particular, there has been difficulty providing different log ins for those parents of multiple children needing to access the Show My Homework platform. I can see this is not the case for all, as 6 of you have already logged in and begun to access the resources. The year 1 team will refrain from uploading too much whilst not everyone has access, but in the mean time, the school admin team will be e-mailing out the current set tasks. A few helpful documents have been uploaded below, including the handwriting lines that can be printed out if you do not have the home learning pack (or want to use something other than the exercise book that was provided for a particular task / need more lines at a later date if you run out of pages in the exercise book).

Thanks for your understanding, hopefully we will be all sorted really soon!

Miss Bailey


Published 24-03-20

Good morning home learners! Show My Homework has now been set up for both staff and children, and your first tasks have been uploaded onto the system. You should recieve an e-mail/parent mail regarding your new account very soon. Have a go at logging in and try navigating around the website to familiarise yourself with it. We are all learning how to do this together - if you encounter any difficulties there is an option to send a message to me and I will do my best to help. Tasks will all be set with a deadline for the end of the week. 'Submitting' any work clearly cannot be done in person, so feel free to photograph it and send this through the platform.  The setting of tasks will be evaluated and modified as we all get used to this new way of teaching and learning.

Thanks again for all your support,

Miss Bailey 


Published 22-03-20

On Wednesday 18th March at 5pm the British government made the decision to close schools to the majority of children due to the outbreak of covid-19. To the parents and carers of children in Year 1 Hawthorn - thank-you for all of your support and help so far this year and in this difficult time. I really appreciate it! I will really miss all of the children in my class during this period of home schooling. Many of you may be anxious about how you’re going to help your child with their education during this time, but try not to. Just try your best. All children and parents are in the same situation. Work will be provided through 'Show My Homework' (more information to follow in the coming week - accounts are currently being set up for all staff and children). However, don’t worry if some days are more productive than others. This isn’t forever - it’s just for now! Look after each other, and I look forward to seeing all 25 smiling faces again sometime soon!

Miss Bailey smiley


Useful websites


Reading - Create a free account and then access a wide variety of age appropriate e-books. - Streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks with a free 30 day trail. - Activities to make reading and writing interactive, accessible, engaging and fun. - A vast selection of stories read aloud for children to listen to.  - While in space, astronauts have videotaped themselves reading books to the children of Earth. - Free audiobooks for children.


Phonics -  At school we use the letters and sounds phonics scheme. Look at their website to read a bit more about the scheme and phonics itself. (username: login    password:homelearning) (username: march20        password:home)


Youtube channels/clips

Mr Thorne, Geraldine the giraffe -

Mr MC super power words -

Boom shake the alphabet -

Epic phonics -  

Epic phonics tricky words song -


Phonics apps

Hairy Letters app

Mr Thorne - Geraldine’s Phonics Land app

Mr Thorne - Phonics safari app

Jolly Phonics app

Pirate Phonics app

Twinkl Phonics app

Pocket Phonics app

Readwithfonics app

Eggy Words app

Eggy Alphabet app









‘BeeBot’ app - for computing

Cosmic Yoga for fun and mindful P.E sessions -

Go Noodle for a variety of energetic and reflective routines/ activities -

Daily P.E lesson live streamed from 9am with Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). Also available after live streaming by searching through his most recent uploads -

Jump Start Jonny for P.E sessions -