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Year 3 St Jude

St. Jude - Mrs. Oyinloye

       St. Jude was one of the original 12 Apostles of Jesus. Jude would have followed Jesus on his many travels to preach the Good News.  (It is important not to confuse St. Jude with the apostle Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus).  Jude would have witnessed the many miracles of Jesus and was known to have performed miracles too. 

There is a story that King Abagar of Edessa (in Mesopotamia, now Turkey) asked Jesus to cure him of leprosy and sent an artist to bring him a drawing of Jesus.  Impressed with Abagar's great faith, Jesus pressed His face on a cloth, leaving the image of His face on it. He gave the cloth to St. Jude, who took the image to Abagar and cured him.   

        After Jesus’ death, Jude travelled far and wide to teach people about Jesus.  It is thought that St. Jude was the author of “The Epistle of Jude,” found in the New Testament.  In the Epistle he is encouraging Christians to stand firm in their faith and fight for the truth. Even though it was extremely dangerous to be a follower of Jesus, Jude dedicated his life to spreading the Good News, encouraging people to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

        St. Jude was martyred (killed for his beliefs) with another apostle, Simon the Zealot in BeirutLebanon, around AD 65. In the Roman Catholic church, Jude and Simon's feast day is celebrated on the 28th of October. St. Jude is known as the patron saint of hope and lost causes. There are many miracles recorded of people who have been dying and have prayed to St. Jude and recovered.

 Useful Information for Parents/Carers


Over the coming months, we are looking forward to working in partnership with both you and your child.


The following presentation will hopefully give you all the necessary information you will require in terms of Curriculum and other important general information.  


This information can also be found in our School’s Procedural letter sent out by Parentmail and is also available on our class page. 



At St Alban’s we provide a rich and varied curriculum programme that ensures your child receives the necessary skills to fulfil their potential.  We very much see this as a partnership between home and school. 


Our curriculum is underpinned by our School Mission Statement below:






Below is Year 3, St. Jude's Curriculum Overview and Weekly Timetable.  We do our very best to stick to this but there are important events, for example, such as Masses for Holy Days of Obligation or special assemblies. We also run a variety of curriculum events, in various subjects, to ensure your child receives a rich and varied programme of study.  All of these events do, on occasion, affect the timetable.




Religious Education



At St Alban's we follow The Way, The Truth and The Life RE Curriculum. We ensure that this programme of study is enriched with a variety of activities that include history, geography and art.  Giving an historical  perspective of the time in which Jesus lived, and the traditions followed, allows us to give the children a greater and deeper understanding of the stories we study in the bible.  The children will also examine famous paintings that can give a fresh insight into Jesus's time and teachings.  We study maps, for example of Egypt and Israel, to gain a better insight into where these stories took place.


Year 3:  The Way, The Truth and The Life  RE Curriculum

  • Autumn:  Our Christian Family, Mary Mother of God
  • Spring:  Sacrament of Reconciliation, Celebrating the Mass
  • Summer: Celebrating Easter and Pentecost, Being a Christian



Year 3 First Holy Communion Programme


Our First Holy Communion Programme starts in January of each year.  There is a ‘Come and See’ evening for parents every November. Please see our School Newsletter for important dates such as celebration Masses and Parents' Evenings.



Spelling in Year 3

In year 3, we review spellings every morning through a variety of activities.  Spellings are set according to regular assessments to ensure that your child receives spellings appropriate to their needs.  In the homework sheet there is a list of spellings for your child to learn. Spelling tests are every Friday. As well as the spelling activities we do each day, please support your child in learning their spellings at home.



At St Alban's we use the Read to Write scheme which provides high-quality children's literature as a vehicle for writing.  The units of work centre on engaging, vocabulary-rich texts with a wealth of writing opportunities where we:


•Write for a range of audiences and purposes, increasing their stamina to create longer pieces.

•Take pride in their handwriting and present their work to a high standard.

•Use high level vocabulary to enrich their ideas.

•Punctuate confidently so that sentences make sense to the reader.

•Acquire strategies to enable them to become confident and accurate spellers. 

•Utilise their writing skills across all areas of the curriculum.



Please see Year 3's homework sheet to find out what we are covering every week and any activities you can be doing to support your child in their learning.




At St Alban's we encourage reading for pleasure, as part of our reading curriculum.  Our new Literacy Counts 'Read to Write' scheme ensures that children are introduced to quality texts to enrich their vocabulary (please see the list of books covered under our 'Writing' section above.  These texts also ignite curiosity across a wide range of subjects. A special weekly assembly is held where children's achievements in reading our celebrated.  Reading events such as World Book Day are also used to promote further reading.


Accelerated Reader Scheme

This has proven to be a highly successful reading scheme at St Alban's School.  It is a scheme where children can earn points for the books they read.  These points contribute to your child being able to earn a variety of prizes and certificates of achievement.  In Year 3, we celebrate 250,000 word readers with special prizes and a place on our Accelerated Reader Achievement Board situated outside the school office in the main corridor.  


Guided Reading

Children are regularly assessed and grouped according to their reading ability. Your child will read every week to practise reading, inference and comprehension skills. During our daily reading carousel, children will do some follow-up work on the text studied. Your child will have access to a range of quality texts (both fiction and non-fiction) by established authors such as Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl, Anne Fine, Dick King-Smith, Ted Hughes and many more celebrated authors.  



Partnership with Parents

At St Alban's, parents and carers play an invaluable role in supporting their child’s reading journey.  Please encourage your child to read on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes a day.  This reading is logged both in school and at home, in a 'daily reading log' book and will be regularly monitored by myself.  Your child is able to borrow a rich variety of books from school to take home with them to share with you. 


Please ensure your child's Daily Reading Log comes to school each day and any reading completed at home, is recorded and signed each night. 






Here at St. Alban's Catholic Primary School, we offer an enriching mathematic learning experience using the Maths - No Problem scheme. 





In Year 3 maths lessons, your child will be given the opportunity to explore, discuss, become fluent, to reason and problem solve through using a variety of representations and methods to achieve this.  Your child will be encouraged to develop their maths vocabulary and deepen their learning through discussion and exploration of tasks ensuring that challenge is aimed at depth of knowledge while aiming to support your child to make progress through the content at a similar pace. 


Please see Year 3's weekly homework sheet to find out the topic we are covering and to support your child with any activities given.


Times Tables

In Year 3 your child should know their x2, x5 and x10 tables (year 2 curriculum requirement) and their x3 x4, x8 tables (an end of year 3 curriculum requirement).  Although we will provide activities to help your child learn their tables (for example the school provides free access to the Times Table Rockstars website), it is imperative your child learns these at home. Each week, they will complete a times tables test.  Please see the links below to help your child learn their tables:


Times Table Rock Stars

Top Marks website

BBC Teach


For information on the rest of the subjects we cover in

Year 3, please go to the Curriculum page on this website.