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Physical Development

Here are some other ideas:


● Get yourself dressed everyday.


● Write your name in the air using your leg... then the other leg! 


● Make your own exercise routine / gym at home e.g. run / hop on the spot, star jumps, chair dips, plank, lifting bean cans etc.  


● Obstacle course - Create a ​furniture course in your house or use chalk to make a course outside. Add in specific mental or physical challenges to increase the difficulty!


 ● Hula hooping - how long can you hula for?


● Skipping rope - can you skip and count at the same time? Can you sing a nursery rhyme whilst skipping?


● Put on your favourite music / song and make up your own dance routine.  


● Wheelbarrow, crab, and bear-walk races: Holding one of these tough positions gives you a real workout!


● Clean-up race: Set a timer or put on a song to see who can right the room the fastest.


● Bowling​: Fill up water bottles and bowl a ball to knock them down. (A great way to practise subtraction!)


● Hopscotch: Use chalk or tape to make a game on your floor or outside your building.