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Morning Prayers.


Morning Prayer


This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of happiness,

Let love abide here

Love of one another,

Love of Mankind,

Love of life itself,

Let us remember that.

so many hands build a house and

so many hearts make a school.



School Prayer.


Please Bless our school,

as we try to love, learn, share and respect

in the light of Jesus.


St Alban Pray for us.


9:10 - 9:20 - Morning Catch Up


We can't wait to see you all on zoom! It's been a lot of fun catching up with you all. It will be great to hear how you all got on with your science experiments yesterday.

9.25- 9.50 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

9:50 - 10:45 - English with Oak Academy

Today you will plan the second part of your build up for the Oliver Twist narrative using speech and precise vocabulary. 

If you found drawing the table for your plan tricky then you can print out the table below.

11:10 - 12:05 - Maths

Please see the group that is right for you.

Today is our final lesson on Word Problems, well done to you all for such a fantastic job, I know these can be very tricky. Our next topic in Maths is Graphs! 

Mrs Ghosh (Graphs)

12:05 - 12:35 - Topic (Avalanches) *Submission

Look through the presentation and click on the speaker to listen to audio explanations. Spend this half an hour learning about avalanches: what they are, how they are made and what interventions are in place to protect us from them.


After lunch you will create a poster which could be displayed in an Alpine holiday resort to:

-  Inform tourists about what avalanches are

- Tell them about how they are formed

- Teach them about how to stay safe and what systems are in place to protect them.


Think carefully about how you want to design your poster. It should be eye-catching, interesting and presenting important information clearly using pictures, diagrams and writing neatly and clearly laid out.

Before Lunch Prayer


Bless us O Lord,

and these thy gifts,

for which we are about to receive,

from thy bounty,

through Jesus Christ Our Lord,



After Lunch Prayer


Thankyou God for the food we have eaten,

thankyou for our family and friends, 

thankyou God for everything.


1:30 - 2:00 - Topic Continued

Now is time to start your poster. Begin with a rough plan, sketch it out on a piece of scrap paper before beginning it properly. See the part 3 of the presentation for your task and there are links below for more information.

2 - 2:10 - Afternoon Catch-Up

Logon to your afternoon zoom catch up

2:10 - 2:45 - Topic Continued

2:45 - 3:00 - Quiet Reading

Unwind and get lost in a good book. Hmmm...I might go do that myself now...