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9-9:20 - Get Ready for the Day

Get ready for your day by looking through today's work and getting yourself set to go. Join in our zoom call at 9:10 to hear more about your day.


If you have some free time then get your brain kick started by reading some more of your book.

9:30 - 10:30 - English with Oak Academy *Submission

Today's lesson is all about editing and improving your work. In the video, Miss Vincent says that you are editing lesson's 6 and 8's work - that is your work from Monday and Tuesday, so have that ready. 


In the lesson, you will practice editing some of Miss Vincent's work before looking at your own. As Miss Vincent says in the video, this is a really important skill and it is hard to learn, so put as much effort into this as you would do in writing a whole new piece of writing.


The final task - It's time to publish! - is not an optional task. Once you've edited your work we would like you to write the improved version up neatly for submission. If you would like to, you can draw a picture or a book cover to go with it.

11-12 - Maths

Please see your groups work


Year 5 - Fractions!

Welcome to our new maths topic of Fractions! We look at the relationship between fractions and dividing (sharing) today. 

Mrs Ghosh's Group - Fractions
12-12:30 - SPaG
1:30-2:30 - Science

2:30 - 3 - Hymns

Mr Richardson is bringing a homeschool version of Hymns for us all to enjoy - haven't we missed having a good sing together?! So, by yourselves, or with your family gather, around for a good sing, dance and enjoy some time worshipping God. "To sing is to pray twice." - St Augustine