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Morning Prayers.


Morning Prayer


This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of happiness,

Let love abide here

Love of one another,

Love of Mankind,

Love of life itself,

Let us remember that.

so many hands build a house and

so many hearts make a school.



School Prayer.


Please Bless our school,

as we try to love, learn, share and respect

in the light of Jesus.


St Alban Pray for us.


9.00- 9.30 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


This week's final SPaG lesson includes a fun drawing warm up and a short written exercise to practice using prepositions.


It is also our spelling test with the words we have been practicing all week.


Good luck! 

9:30 - 10.30 - English/Geography

You will spend this morning learning a bit more about tourism in the Alpine region before writing a balanced argument on the subject. Spend your time until break working through the PowerPoint, with voice recording, and doing your plan. If the sound doesn't come on the slide right away, click on the little speaker.

11 - 11:40 - English

Spend this time writing the argument you planned this morning

11.40 - 12.30 - Maths
Choose the work from your maths group


Year 5

Once you've looked at the maths presentation (2 parts) there are some extra word problems. You can use this as an extra challenge or, if you find the workbook too tricky then you could try some of these problems instead. Take a look at them and attempt the level that best suits you as a learner. 

Mrs Ghosh's Group (Year 4 Maths)

Mrs Ghosh's Group (Year 2)

Before Lunch Prayer


Bless us O Lord,

and these thy gifts,

for which we are about to receive,

through Jesus Christ Our Lord,



After Lunch Prayer


Thankyou God for the food we have eaten,

thankyou for our family and friends, 

thankyou God for everything.


1.30 - 2.30 - Catch up time

Spend this afternoon slot finishing any work you may have run out of time during the week. This could be answering a question in science, colouring in your story board in RE or completing some maths worksheets. If you are up to date with everything and it is all to your best efforts then choose one of the activities to do below.


Brainteaser Maze

2.30-2.45 Celebration Assembly


Sit back, watch and enjoy our weekly celebration assembly showing off some of the fantastic work we have seen this week. We also have our STARS OF THE WEEK! Who will it be this week? 


We've had to split the presentation in to two as there was such a massive amount of amazing work to share!

2.45-3.00 - Wind Down Reading


Spend the last part of the school day by winding down and relaxing your mind with a good read! 

End Of Day Prayer


Spirit of God,

Come live in me,

Make me the person you want me to be,

humble and pure,

faithful and free,

Spirit of God come live in me.