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9 - 9:20 - Morning Zoom and Get ready for the day

Get yourself ready for the day by looking at the work ahead, we look forward to welcoming you all back during our morning zoom at 9:10am. 

Morning Session - 9:30 - 12:30

The order of your morning timetable will look different depending on when your Learning Workshop is (please refer to your Learning Workshop timetable). Try your best to complete the work set out below for the morning session. Remember to give yourself a 30 minute break around 10:30am.

English (45 mins) - How to Train your Dragon with Oak Academy
Maths (1 hour) - Adding Fractions
SPaG (15 minutes)

Learning Workshop/ PE (30 minutes)

Your learning workshop today will be developing a shared write. If your workshop is this afternoon then do your PE in this slot and vice versa.

Afternoon Session

This afternoon you have a chance to catch up on work you may not have completed during the week. When all your work and purple planning is done, you can try designing a Viking Shield. We would love to see the designs you come up with.


Make sure you leave time to look at the celebration assembly at the end of the day! 

Learning Workshop/ PE (30 minutes)

Your learning workshop today will be developing a shared write. If your workshop was this morning then do your PE in this slot and vice versa.


Design a Viking shield!

Celebration Assembly and Shared Writes.
See below not only our celebration assembly, but the shared writing that you have completed in today's zoom workshops. Fantastic job everybody! 

Jupiter Shared Write- 9:30 Group


On the island, the mighty, ferocious and devious dragon charged out of the crumbling, ancient mountain as exploding rocks catapulted towards the frightened Vikings. The petrified Vikings sprinted away across the beach. With a few effortless steps and a horrifying roar the dragon could be seen. It ferociously blew an inferno at the weak ships like a flamethrower. Disastrously,  the boats caught on fire and there was a scared and hopeless dragon trapped by the cage and the roaring fire circling around him.

Mars Shared Write - 10:30 Group

The  ferocious, fierce and raging dragon stomped out of the enormous mountain as rocks plummeted down towards the terrified Vikings. The traumatised Vikings were dashing in different directions, separating and shouting. With a few smashing stomps and a hideous, bloodcurdling roar the colossal dragon could be seen. It blew fire, erupting like a volcano, at the ancient, breaking ships. Tragically, they caught on fire and there was a young, helpless and petite dragon trapped in unbreakable chains on one of the many, rugged boats.

Venus Shared Write- 11:30 Group


On a day of horror, the menacing, violent and life-crushing dragon rushed out of the mountain as rocks as big as boulders tumbled down the sides of the cliffs. Terrified, the Vikings dashed away. With a few vicious, crushing stomps and an intimidating, death-bringing roar the gigantic dragon could be seen. Hurriedly, It blew a beaming blaze of death at the helpless ships. Unexpectedly, they went up in flames of wicked fire and there was a smaller, timid dragon trapped by a steel, heart-wrenching cage on one of the broken, splintered and miserable boats.
Mercury Shared Write - 1:30 Group
In destruction, the livid and gargantuan man-killer smashed out of the colossal, towering mountain as soaring, solid rocks plummeted down leaving giant shards flying at the hopeless Vikings. The island was filled with panic-stricken Vikings yelling and darting in all directions. Ferociously, with a few stomps and a treacherous, deafening and earth-shattering roar the blood-thirsty dragon could be seen shaking the island like an earthquake. It blew fire igniting the tranquil ships exploding them to total destruction. There was a smaller, despondent dragon held captive with burning ropes within a ring of blazing fire on one of the wave-tamers.
Celebration Assembly