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Garden maths!

Subtraction smash

Here are some more ideas:


  • Play a board game with your family e.g. Snakes and Ladders
  • Practise counting objects around the house, up to 20 items or more if you want a challenge.
  • Count how many things you can do in 30 seconds e.g. how many starjumps can you do? How many claps? How many times can you stand up then sit down?
  • Work on simple addition or subtraction problems using counters, buttons or other small objects.
  • Number hunt - Hide numbers from 1-20 around the house. Can you order the numbers from smallest to largest?
  • Repeating patterns - Use any toy (construction materials/animals/loose parts) and create a repeating pattern. Remember a repeating pattern can be made from colours, shapes, size, sounds.
    red, yellow, blue, red, yellow ...
    Large, medium, small, large...
    Clap, stomp, click, clap, stomp...

  • Write a number sequences to 20 leaving some blanks in between. Write the missing numbers on pegs and get your child to fill the gaps
  • Draw a number line to 20. Shout a number out and see if your child can say the number that is one more or one less than the given number.
  • 3D shape hunt, call out a 3D shape Sphere, cylinder, cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid and see if your child can find an object in the house with that shape before you can. Extend by describing the shape: "I’m looking for a 3D shape with no verticies (corners), 3 faces and 2 edges."