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Safety Officers

Safety Officers                                                 

As your safety officers, we organise competitions and events to make safety a bigger focus in our school. We show presentations to the school to make people more aware of the safety issues. 


Since becoming safety officers, we have created two presentations and one competition. In the presentations, we focused on Christmas safety, fire safety, community safety and anti-social behaviour. We try to ensure that everyone feels safe in school and we send out important messages for the children to remember.                  


We are very privileged to be safety officers and we think it gives Primary school children the opportunity to show the school what safety is really about and how they can prevent people being anti-social and making people feel unsafe when they are not doing any harm to others.


Our current focus is to help raise money for our local fire station through running a bake sale. We hope lots of people will enjoy the cakes and give us lots and lots of money!