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Year 3-4 Linden

The Linden Tree ( genus 'Tilia')

Linden trees are part of the Tilia species, though you may recognize them by their other names: Basswood and Lime. The former is native to North America and is a stately tree that grows very slowly. Meanwhile, the later is commonly found in Europe where it is called "Lime," though that is not a reference to the citrus fruit. Rather, "Lime" is an altered form of Middle English "Lind."

Linden trees are grand deciduous trees that can grow up to 130 feet tall. They feature highly distinguishable leaves that are heart-shaped and asymmetrical. The species also bears tiny pea-shaped fruit that hang from a greenish-yellow bract and contain many seeds.

Other noteworthy characteristics of the Linden tree include:

  • Flowers: Fragrant yellow flowers appear in the summer and attract numerous bees.
  • Shape: In their youth, Linden trees have a pyramidal shape, though as the tree grows, it develops a more rounded crown.
  • Bark: The Linden's gray to brown bark is soft and malleable, while the grain is straight.

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to a new year! Many thanks for all the christmas cards and gifts we received. We are extremely grateful and touched by your generosity!  

Year 3/4 Linden are all looking forward to a fun-filled and action-packed term. Already this term we have videoed each other reciting poetry, had a judo instruction assembly, made chocolate rice crispy cakes for a Science experiment and had a thought-provoking class mass, lead by Fr. Peter. We are only in week 3 and all children have done themselves proud. Please check out their photos and video clips below.

It's a very important year for some of our Year 3's as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Forgiveness and Communion during these coming months, so please remember them in your prayers.

This term our R.E. topics are Jesus, The Teacher and Jesus The Saviour. In English we have been studying poetry and will be reading and writing myths, instructions and plays. In Maths we will be continuing to use and solve mental calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be investigating area and shape, involving perimeter and angles. Our topics this term are science-based, 'Sound' and ' Changing States and Materials.' All sounds very exciting!

P.E. days remain the same and we would be grateful if you would ensure your child has the correct PE kit available for PE lessons on Thursdays and Fridays.

Homework remains the same also, please see the homework procedures below or contact us if you have any questions or worries.

We look forward to another fun-filled term with your child.

Best wishes

Mrs Moran and Mrs. Pratt

Homework Procedures Letter 2016

Maths Calculation Policy

Video Clips

Still image for this video
The children have learnt a verse of the poems, Bluebottle or Spider's Web. Some groups have added actions of their own too. We hope you enjoy these clips!

Reciting Poetry

Science Investigation

We have been investigatings solids and liquids. We melted chocolate to research this and then we used the melted chocolate to make crispy cakes, they tasted yummy!!!

Who knew Science could taste so good!

Science Chocolate Crispy Cakes