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This week we will be celebrating St Alban's Day. Read the story to find out more about the life of St Alban and why he is so special. Then, decorate the cloak so that it is fit for this important saint. There is also a missing word activity, can you complete this and retell the story? Saint Alban appears in many stained glass windows in churches. Using the picture of his silhouette below, decorate the background to create a stained-glass window of your own, you could colour, use paint or use tissue paper.


A shadow is created when an opaque material or object is placed in front of alight source and prevents the light from passing through. It creates a dark area or shape on a surface as a result. We learned a bit about this during the spring. Learn more about shadows by observing them throughout the day. Pick a sunny day to do this task, and complete the activity sheet to help you consider how they change.


Extension - Use the shadows you can create to make interesting artwork. For your shadow pictures, all you need to do it draw around the shadows of objects placed on a piece of paper (a good example is using toy dinosaurs, cars, superhero figures or flowers).


Can you go on a rainbow hunt? Use the activity sheet to identify the different colours in the rainbow. Go outside in your garden, or perhaps on a walk, and collect things that are each different colour of the rainbow. You can glue these (or use double sided tape/a loop of tape) to match your objects to their correct colours as shown in the photograph below. Which colours of the rainbow were the easiest to find? Which were the hardest?