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Week ending Friday 11th September


It's been another busy but very fun week in our class.


We've all been doing problem solving in Maths this week. Some of the problems were really tricky but we used the rules to help us find the answer.


In English, we've started to read a book called The Stone Age Boy. It's all about a boy who falls down a hole and finds himself in the Stone Age. He then has lots of adventures with his new friend Om.


We've started our Stone Age topic this week. Believe it or not, The Flintstones weren't real and they didn't have bowling alleys or Drive in cinemas in the Stone Age. We all thought of questions we'd like to try and find the answer to during the topic and wrote these in a KWL grid. You can see these in our topic books.


The Rugby World Cup starts on Friday (We didn't know, Mr Stewart told us) so we've started to play Tag Rugby in PE. We learnt how to throw and catch the ball. We didn't know but you can't pass forwards in Rugby!


By Ananyaasri & Tabitha