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Y3/4 P/W

Welcome to Year 3 and 4 PW, we all have great fun in our class and learn lots of different subjects using different  a variety of learning styles. Some of us are kinaesthetic learners, some of us are auditory learners and some of us are visual learners.


Today we have celebrated our Year3/4 School Sports Day. We were very lucky with the weather and a good time was had by all. The photos below show some of the carousel events such as javelin, speed bounce and standing long jump. We thoroughly enjoyed working as a team in our colour groups and proved what good athletes we were in the track events.


(Photos coming soon!)




The photos below show some of the exciting investigations we complete with Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Wilcock. These show us working in partners to explore edges and faces of 3D shapes.

The photos also include some of our class mass, RE reflections and an assembly all about books.

Below are some pictures of our walk to Broken Cross.  We used our brilliant ICT skills to make tally charts, then took them with us to fill in on the day.  We gathered data about the many different road signs that we saw along the way and stopped to draw a map of our journey.  When we were back in school we continued with our fantastic ICT skills to produce bar charts using the information on our road sign tallies.

Broken Cross field Trip

During this term we have been studying about Brazil and other countries that have taken part in the World Cup.

We found out that Brazil is a very interesting country and we learned about the human and physical features found there. Take a look at this short video that looks at some of these fantastic features.

Here is list of video clips that show information about the Amazon Rainforest, which is found in parts of Brazil.


What facts have you learned about The Amazon Rainforest?

Year 3 Retreat Day at All Hallows

On Thursday 3rd July, Year 3 had a special day out at All Hallows Catholic College where they joined the other Year 3 classes from the All Hallows Cluster.  It was a retreat day with various activities led by the primary school teachers with the support of the Year 10 students from All Hallows.

Each group focused on the Creation and each from a different point of view.  There were 3 groups:

  • Man
  • Earth
  • Animals

We looked at our gifts and talents, given to us by God; we visited the animals at the College; we created an Ojo de Dios, an eye of God, which we weaved together using different coloured wool and lolly sticks.

The day ended with a rousing sing-song led by Rev. Harrison.

Thank you to All Hallows and to the Primary Schools in the cluster for welcoming us and providing such a lovely day.


Thanksgiving Mass and Picnic

Saturday 12th July was a wonderful day for our Sacramental children and their families when we came together to celebrate that all the children involved in the Sacramental Programme this year had received their First Holy Communion.

We had a beautiful Mass in St Alban's Church led by Father Peter and assisted by Rev. Harrison.  The children looked splendid in their First Holy Communion outfits as they processed through the church with pride and dignity as their families and teachers watched.

This wonderful Thanksgiving Mass was followed by a picnic at Tatton Park where the sun shone down on us all afternoon.  The boys v girls game of rounders was a great success.  However, despite many requests, no adults could be persuaded to take part in the bungee jumping which was available over the lake!  Maybe next year, eh?

Congratulations to all the children and their families!


Macclesfield Forest Field Trip


Year 4 had a trip out to Macclesfield Forest on Thursday 17th July 2014.  We were looked after by Frances and Cathie, the Forest Rangers, who led us on various activities.  These included minibeast hunts in rivers and in woodland.  We found a whole variety of wildlife including freshwater shrimp, mayfly nymphs, caddis larva, beetles and lots and lots of froglets.


After a hearty lunch which we all needed and deserved, we set off again into the woods to create some art.  We didn't need paper or paints or any of the usual art materials.  In fact, we just foraged for natural materials and produced some amazing pieces of art right there on the forest floor!


The sun shone all day and we arrived back at school full of information about habitats, minibeasts and our natural surroundings.  A good soak in the bath and a sound night's sleep were very welcome.


Well done everyone.  Your teachers are very proud of you!

Mrs Wilcock, Mrs Pratt, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Dawson

Macclesfield Forest Minibeast hunt and natural art