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School Council



The school council members were decided by teachers and pupils in each year (year 3 – year 6.) As members of the school council we have a lot of responsibilities for improving our school and making it a safer and happier place to be in. Children often come to us with ideas to improve the school and we try our best to make things happen for them. Our  school is an anti-bullying school, so in the past we have produced an anti-bullying PowerPoint to enforce this during anti-bullying week. We feel children have become aware of the seriousness of bullying other children and bullying has stopped in our school, making us an anti-bullying school.


We have also encouraged children to engage in competitions such as the BBC 500 word competition, developing their writing skills. In this event children voluntarily wrote an exciting story no longer than 500 words. We decided to involve our school and held a small 500 word competition within the school. As the stories were written by children, we decided that it was fair if children, from our school council, would vote on the winners having read each entry. There would be one winner per class. Our head teacher Mrs Cooke also decided on some other winners.



School Council News


So far this year we have been busy discussing:   


  • How to be an Eco Friendly School.
  • To start a Worry Box – for any pupil to put their worries in.
  • Sorting out who is going to be in the Friendship Stop on the playground
  • Communicating with Community Gardens to help build a garden for our school
  • Could we begin giving awards for lunchtime behaviour
  • How could we improve children’s fitness levels in school


The School Council have organised:


  • Fundraising
  • Judging 500 words competition. School Council chose winners and organised prizes
  • Organised a friendship stop at lunchtimes to help children that are lonely
  • Anti – bullying week. The school council organised different activities throughput the week and helped to promote anti bullying.
  • The school council created an anti bullying charter for St.Alban’s school.