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Hello everyone! We hope you are all well and are working hard at home. We have seen some great submissions of work and are all very proud of you, keep it up! If you haven’t been able to submit any work yet, don’t worry, but please try and submit something from this week – we would love to see it!


Here’s this week’s learning, we hope you enjoy it!


English – Oak Academy Week 10

This weeks English tasks will be how to use and write Instructions.

(please submit the writing at the end of the week)


Plants are everywhere, you can find them in some homes, in parks, in gardens and in the countryside.

How many different plants do you know? See if you can make a list of them (eg. daffodil, daisy, holly). Next, follow the link here to watch the animation and remind yourself what we have learned about the parts of a plant. Then, complete the activity available. Could you grow your own plant at home? What would you need to help a plant grow from a seed? Cress is a plant that grows quickly, so if you used this you would be able to see the stages of growth sooner.



Following on from the science activity, can you collect some different shaped leaves from your garden / on a walk? Make leaf print artwork by flattening a leaf into paint or ink, removing it and pressing it on to paper. What do you notice about the tones and textures of the leaves – it often becomes more noticeable once it has been printed on to paper? Now decide how you are going to make your artwork look amazing. Perhaps you want to repeat a pattern across the page or experiment with rotating interlocking designs.