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Year 3 Elm

Welcome to Year 3 Elm

Welcome to Year 3 Elm 1

Dear Parents and Carers,


We welcome your child into year 3.  Please see the various sections below for useful information:  your child's timetable of weekly lessons, details of topics we will be covering under each subject for the coming week, homework and planned activities for the year.   


I look forward to seeing you at 'Thumbs Up Thursday' at 8.40 am every week.  This is an excellent opportunity for your child to share their work and achievements with you.   


If you have any concerns or any other queries, please feel free to make an appointment to see me.


With very best wishes

Mrs Smith



Our Mission Statement


To love, learn, share and respect in the light of Jesus.


Our Aims:


  • We will create a caring Catholic community in which all members can grow in love, trust and respect for one another.
  • We will ensure that each member of our Catholic school community feels special as a child of God.
  • We will celebrate our differences and similarities.
  • We will help each other to develop our particular talents.
  • We will communicate clearly and honestly with each other.
  • We will create a sense of belonging between our school, our Church and our families.

Year 3 Elm Timetable


Dear Parents


Please see below an overview of the coming week and the various activities we will be doing with your child/ren.


Week beginning 27/1/20


Please note there is a meeting this Thursday at St Alban's Parish Centre for FHC at 6.00 pm.  If you haven't already enrolled your child, it is essential you submit the forms and baptismal certificates at this meeting.   Many thanks. 



I Belong books: Children should complete chapter 1 and return the books this Wednesday.  If you need any help or should have any queries please let me know, I will be very happy to help.



Mrs Smith's:  odd and even numbers then moving to measurement 

Miss Clarke's group:  column method of multiplication (one digit by two digits e.g. 4 x 48   




It is imperative your child learns their times tables.  By the end of year 2 your child should know their x2, x5 and x10 and by the end of year 3, x3, x4 and x8 tables.  We have weekly times table tests (40 questions in 3 minutes!)  and we also look at activities to help them learn their tables.  However, it is important that they also have the opportunity to learn these at home.  Please see below for a variety of websites that will help your child gain confidence learning their tables.



Revision week: comprehension and grammar.


Guided Reading:

Please ensure your child's guided reading homework is handed in the day before they read.  This enables me to mark it before their guided reading session enabling their guided reading session to be used only for reviewing their homework and to read and discuss their book as a group.



Climate and Weather: This topic will cover all different types of weather and climate.



Light and Shadow.  Looking at all the different forms of light.



Outdoor Tuesday with Mrs Lees 

Indoor: this has changed to Wednesday.

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every week.  They need pumps for the school hall and trainers for outside.  We go out whatever the weather so please make sure your child has warm clothing.


Please see our procedures letter.  A copy is attached below.


Please feel free to pop in to see me at the end of the school day or on Thumbs Up Thursday should you have any further queries.


Best wishes

Paula Smith




Year 3 Curriculum Overview