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9 - 9:20 - Morning Zoom and Get ready for the day

We look forward to welcoming you all back during our morning zoom at 9:10am. Get yourself set for the day by looking at our Welcome PowerPoint which will give you a run down of the week and get yourself familiar with your new Learning Workshops timetable!

Morning Session - 9:30 - 12:30

The order of your morning timetable will look different depending on when your Learning Workshop is (please refer to your Learning Workshop timetable). Try your best to complete the work set out below for the morning session. Remember to give yourself a 30 minute break around 10:30am.

Maths - recap and adding fractions (30 minutes zoom, 30 minutes independent work) *Submission

Your learning workshop will make up half of your maths lesson for today.

After your workshop spend 30 minutes on the independent work set for your group which will be found below. 


If you are not in a learning workshop group then try refresh your knowledge of adding fractions ready for tomorrow's maths lesson. These sheets are differentiated, so choose the level that works the best for you.

English (1 hour) - How to Train your Dragon with Oak Academy

Our new English topic looks at writing an adventure/comedy story based around the story How to Train your Dragon. 

This is a brilliant book to look at as it's funny, has a great main hero and uses lots of interesting language. In addition, the book is one of our Year 5 guided reading books (some of you have already read it) and it is based on the Vikings - our new topic! Follow the link for today's lesson, then look at the additional resources if you have time left.

SPaG (30 minutes)

Afternoon Session

1:30 - 2:45 - Topic: The Vikings!!

A new half term - a new topic: The Vikings!!

What do you know about the Vikings? And what do you remember about Anglo-Saxon Britain that they invaded?

Start today's lesson by putting your knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons from last half term to the test. Once you've done the Quiz watch the look video. The PowerPoint and internet links are also included in this section in case you want to look at either in more depth. Happy learning!

2:45 - 3 - Head Teacher's Assembly