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Year 2 Hazel

Welcome to Year 2! 

We are really looking forward to working with your children this year. The staff in the Year 2 team are:


Mrs Lee – Class teacher of Hazel

Miss Wakefield - Class teacher of Juniper

Mrs Wadsworth - overseeing Year 2 and providing cover between the classes


We hope you found our curriculum evening useful. All the information from the meeting can be found on the slideshow below.


We are looking forward to a year full of fun and learning with your children.  Don’t forget – if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you

The Year 2 Team

Summer Term Animals and Plants

Scat Cat Swing

Owl Song


I know that all you think owls are cool, today you’re gonna learn more here at school.

So here’s some owl facts that you may not know, you can take them with you wherever you go.

WHOOOO oooo who wants to learn about owls                    WE DO!  (x2)


Owls they can hear from a long way away, so you don’t have to shout they can hear what you say.

They can spin their heads almost all the way around, without it popping off and falling on the ground.

WHOOOO oooo who wants to learn about owls                    WE DO! (x2)


They have sharp talons to snatch up their food, then they’ll hack up a pellet and it’s not even rude!

If you look at the pellet you may find, what an owl’s digestive system leaves behind.

WHOOOO oooo ooooooooooo   WHOOOO oooo ooooooooooo

(Owl Dance)


WHOOOO oooo who wants to learn about owls                    WE DO! (x2)

Owls don’t care if there isn’t any light, they have special eyes that can see at night.

When the sun goes down they wake up instead, and when the sun comes up they go to bed.

WHOOOO oooo who wants to learn about owls                    WE DO! (x2)


Their feathers are so quiet they barely make a sound, it helps them sneak up on creatures crawling on the ground.

Learning about owls is really, really fun, now you can share your knowledge with everyone.

WHOOOO oooo who wants to learn about owls                    WE DO! (x2)


Spring Term

In the coming spring and summer term, we are going to begin to teach your child to play the recorder and deliver their music skills through various linked activities. They will require their own recorder that will need to be named and kept in their bag ready for their lesson and any other opportunities we get to practise.


We would be very grateful if you could purchase your child’s own recorder. No particular make or brand is necessary but we are aware that you can buy them for £2 at and Please contact us if you have any concerns and questions.


Thank you in advance for your support,

Year 2 teachers.

Autumn Term

Santa Claus is coming to Town - Christmas Play Songs to learn


Along to Bethlehem

Angels Singing

Away in a Manger

Our wonderful Seaside Art based on observational sketches of our Beach Treasure! We used pencil, crayon and ink to make our masterpieces. What do you think?

The compositions we created to sketch...

Seaside Poems!