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Year 4 St Leoba

Welcome Year 4 St Leoba

St Leoba (c. 710 – 28 September 782) was an Anglo-Saxon Benedictine nun and is recognised as a saint. In 746 she and others left Wimbourne Minster in Dorset to join her kinsman, Boniface, in his mission to the German people. She was a learned woman and was involved in the foundation of nunneries in Kitzingen and Ochsenfurt. . Leoba was acclaimed for many miracles: saving a village from fire; saving a town from a terrible storm; protecting the reputation of the nuns in her convent; and saving the life of a fellow nun who was gravely ill – all accomplished through prayer.


We are really looking forward to working with you all this year. The teaching staff across Year 4 are: 

Miss Ceuppens- St Leoba 

Mrs Moran - St Augustine 


We are currently finalising your child's timetable, it will shortly be posted below. Your child's PE days are Thursday and Friday. Please send your child to school in their PE kit on both days. 


Thank you and best wishes, 

Miss Ceuppens and Mrs Moran