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Y3/4 R

Welcome to Yr 3/4 R!

Our science topic this term is habitats and we have been learning about how animals are adapted to suit their environment.  

Sophie very kindly, brought in her fascinating birthday present - CATERPILLARS! Over the past few weeks we have watched them grow, spin silk and turn into chrysalides in front of our very eyes!  On Monday they finally emerged as beautiful butterflies and today we set them free in our science garden.  (Take a look at our pictures below!)


From studying the caterpillars throughout their life cycle, we discovered that they have many features that help them to survive in their habitat.   Somebody spotted that the butterflies' wings looked like tree bark and we discussed how this helps them.... they are camouflaged so that their predators cannot see them as easily!


We are now experts on how animals have adapted to suit their surroundings.  From camels to polar bears, just ask us!

Below are some pictures of our walk to Broken Cross.  We used our brilliant ICT skills to make tally charts, then took them with us to fill in on the day.  We gathered data about the many different road signs that we saw along the way and stopped to draw a map of our journey.