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A day of learning and Phonics focus 'v'

Wednesday 6th January 2021


We have set out each day as we would work in school. There are breaks between teaching sessions for snack times, outdoor exercise and learning through play. 

9-9.30am - Phonics 

Today we are learning the phoneme 'v.' Please access the videos by clicking the link below.


"Phase 3 Phonics 'v' Lesson 3"

We would encourage your child to blend to read words first. They may want to go on to try and read the sentence. 


"Phase 3 Phonics 'v' Lesson 4"

Encourage your child to say the target words aloud and segment to spell them. They made need help to form their letters. (You may find it helpful to display the letters on the table in front of them which they can they place in the right order). Your child may want to go on to try and write the sentence. 


10-10.30 - Maths 


Please click on this link to today’s video lesson and activity where you should select "Session 3." 

11-11.30 - Handwriting


Extra Letter Formation ideas for ‘v’ from Phonics today 

Can you form the letter (graphemes) ‘v’ that we have worked on in Phonics today using  your body, two scarves, scissors,  playdough, pasta, a pair of tights? Encourage your child to say the sound (phoneme) as they form it. 

12.30-1pm - Literacy


This week, we will begin to explore the traditional tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Today, start by enjoying sharing the story together. You can either read the book if you have it at home or click on this link for an interactive story:

Can you answer these questions? 

1 – What did Goldilocks do when she was in the bear’s house? 
2 – Where were the bears when Goldilocks was in their house?  
3 - Would you have gone into the bear’s house? Why or why not? 

1.30-2.30 - Learning through play 

Play is a vital part of the EYFS day at school. It is through play that children practise new ideas and skills; they take risks, show imagination and solve problems either on their own or with others. Play can take place indoors or outdoors using whatever is to hand (clothes, boxes, buckets, old blankets, puddles...). It might be child-initiated or may be something you think would be nice to start off together to fire off their imagination.

2.30-3pm - Storytime


Choose your favourite book and snuggle up to share a story.