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Year 3 Home Learning - 06.07.20


Maths, English, RE and Science


For any questions or queries regarding the home learning, for weekly submissions or if you would just like to send us some of your child's work, please email:


Both Mrs Smith and Miss Clarke are working full time in school so please be patient when waiting for a response to your email. If you need to speak with a member of staff urgently, please contact the school directly by phone or email:

Homework Submission Task: Week beginning 6.7.20


This week your task is to submit a poem from this week's English lessons on Oak Academy.  All the lessons look at the features of a poem and will help you write your own. 


You are more than welcome to decorate your poem with some pictures too!  Perhaps you would like to send in your finished poem to our weekly newsletter.  




For English, we are asking your child to work through the lessons on the Oak National Academy website:


IMPORTANT: You must click 'Accept all cookies' when you enter the website. Please scroll down the page slightly and start on Monday, Week 10.There is an English lesson for each day of the week.


Week 6 - Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Week 7 - Week beginning 15th June 2020

Week 8 - Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Week 9 - Week beginning 29th June 2020...

Week 10 - Week beginning 6th July 2020


Spellings - Oak National Academy

(Test every Friday on English lessons) 


Every week, there will be an online spelling test on Oak National Academy which will be given during Friday's lesson.  The following spellings are the ones you need to learn for the test this Friday, 19.6.20. We will let you know the spellings for the week on Mondays.


Spellings - WB 06.07.20

This week's spelling focus is words containing 'ch' which make the /sh/ or /ck/ sounds.  Here are the spellings that your child should learn ahead of Friday's spelling test on Oak National Academy Week 10.









RE - The Way, The Truth and The Life


This week we are thinking about prayer and why it is so important.