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Pupil Leadership



Head Girl: Nell Wilson 


My name is Nell and I am Head Girl.  I need to help everyone in the school and set a role model for the younger children.  I want to raise money for our school whilst having fun as well.  I want everyone to feel confident in our school and be able to find their voice so they can speak out.  My job is to have meetings with the Head Boy and Deputies.


My job is very important to me and I am very grateful I got it.  I want younger children to look up to me and be a good student in St Alban's.  I know lots of people went for this job and I'm very thankful.


Head Boy: Stefan Becerra 


I am Head Boy and this makes me play a very important role.  I have the responsibility of changing the school environment so everyone can be happier.  I will support people and listen to others for their opinions.  I can make people proud of themselves like I am proud of myself.




Deputy Head Boy: Archie Jamieson


I am Deputy Head Boy so my jobs are to think of ideas for school to improve pupils and teacher's experiences and be a role model for everyone else in the school.  These jobs are important because it makes everyone in the school happier and prouder to be in St Alban's.  I also support people like Stefan (Head Boy), Nell ( Head Girl) and even Mrs Cooke.  As Deputy Head Boy I feel like it is important to speak my min when I do not agree with somebody else's ideas.


In St Alban's I am also a Prefect.  The most important thing to do when you are a Prefect is to set an example. 


As I am Deputy Head Boy people will look up to me, if I act a certain way then people will follow so to create a good school then I need to be a good role model.


Deputy Head Girls: Ruby Jackson & Nauvoo Brooks


We think Deputy Head Girl is a really important job because it gives us the opportunity to help others.  We also like how we can help make the school a better place.  Being Deputy Head Girl means that we have to push others forward and set a good example.  We love being Deputy Head Girls.





House Captain: Patrycja Malczewska 

Vice Captain: Reiss Watson



House Captain: Joseph Reed

Vice Captain: Poppy Reay



House Captain: Florence Harrall 

Vice Captain: Emma Pilkington



House Captain: Ben Pugh

Vice Captain: Ben Soloman


As House Captains we collect all the house points for the school each week and we love to encourage students from our school community to achieve their goals in sport.  By collecting the house points in the classes this makes pupils more enthusiastic towards learning so they can collect house points for their colour group. We love the role of House and Vice Captains because it gives us opportunities to interact with other children in our school.  This role also gives us chance to tell others about our sporting achievements and to inspire others to try new sports.

Recycling Team

Benji Rushton, Eve O'Donnell and Rochelle Saji


Our job as the Recycling Team is to make sure that everyone is recycling when they can.  We want to set an example to people and help them to be more green like us.  


We want people to know that:



Lacking Care

Important to stop

Making animals die

Adding pollution

Taking lives and homes

Ending animals lives

Changing climate

Heating up

Animals die

Naughty litter

Go green

End problems


It is very important to stop. We must take care of our climate and treat it well.


The Recycling Team