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9:00 - 9:20 - Get Ready for the Day

Your morning zoom call with your teachers will start at 9:10am. Use the ten minutes before this to get yourself set up for your English lesson and have a little browse of what you are doing during your day. If you have time, spend time reading your own book to warm up your brain for the day.


Two tasks to check you've completed:

  • Book Review
  • Comprehension for this afternoons learning workshop, if it's your group

9:30 - 10:30 - English/Topic *Submission

Complete your brochures.

Your task today is a continuation of yesterday afternoon, you are turning your drafts into a beautifully presented brochure either on the computer or by hand. Make sure you think about the 5 persuasive techniques (emotive language, rule of three, facts and statistics, rhetorical questions and personal pronouns), as well as presentational features (headings, subheading, pictures, paragraphs, clear layout, eye catching colour/images/maps).


If you need to use this afternoons catch-up lesson to complete your brochure. 

11-12 - Maths

12 - 12:30 - Comprehension

Choose the level most suited for you

1.30 - 1.40- Spelling Test

1:40 - 2:45 - Catch-Up Session

Use this time to finish any work you didn't have time to complete during the week. This may include your brochure on the Alps or book review.


If you have completed everything, made improvements and it is to your best standard then choose from the activities below.


  • Research the solar system for the Solar System model making competition


2.45- 3.00 - Celebration Assembly