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General English

English Activity based on Thursday 28th January  (Similar activity provided below for anyone who has been absent and missed hearing our visitor talk.)

During the lesson, Mr Clarke visited the class to give a talk about his recent expedition to the South Pole. If you were present for that talk (and now have to isolate) please create an interview based on that talk. 


The interview should be set out as follows: 

LO: To create an interview of an explorer as it would appear in a children's magazine. 

Introduction (Example) 

The intrepid explorer, Mr Clarke, talks about his latest jaw-dropping polar exploration of the Antarctic, in which he replicates Shackleton's crossing of the Weddell Sea and climbs the tallest mountain of the continent, Mount Vinson. 


Then create a list of 6 key questions that Mr Clarke could answer and answer them.

eg What inspired you to become an explorer?

What made  you wish to visit the Antarctic?

How did you prepare for the journey?

How did you survive the extreme weather conditions?

Did you see any Antarctic wildlife? If so, can you tell us about them?

What was the hardest part of the journey and why?

Have you ever been threatened by a wild animal on these expeditions? How?

(These are example questions. You can go with your own if you wish but each answer should be a paragraph in length with varied sentence openers and ambitious vocabulary.)

In school the task has taken 2 hours and is about 2 sides of A4 in length. 


If you have been absent for this activity, then please do exactly the same task but base your interview on a famous explorer. You can choose anyone or use one of the following examples below: 

1 Tenzing Norgay (Mount Everest)

2 Edmund Hillary (Mount Everest) 

3  Ranulph Fiennes (Mount Everest)


Remember to read and edit your piece for full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and commas. Also check spellings and the use of good vocabulary.