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More ideas to support Literacy at home:


  • Keep a brief diary of your time at home – draw a picture and write a simple sentence each day.
  • Make some labels for the items around the house, using your phonic knowledge
  • Read a story book to your child and get them to follow the text as your reading with their index finger.
  • Read a book everyday, then change the ending to the story. Can you come up with a more exciting end to the story? 

  • Who am I? Choose one of your child’s favourite book characters, then describe his or her personality traits, problems and physical description until your child guesses the character’s identity.
  • Get a book (story or reading book) pick a word and have a race as to who can find it first on that page.
  • Pick your favourite character from the story you are reading. If you could ask them any question what would you ask them? What do you think they would say?
  • Tell a story together my turn, your turn.E.g. 
    You-Once upon a time there was...
    Child ....
    You - He lived in
    Child ...
    You - One day he decided to

  • Pick a word or picture from the book and see how many describing words you can think of for it. E.g. a cloud - fluffy, white, soft, large, like a cotton ball, as big as a snowman etc
  • Before reading a new book you can also get your child to predict what will happen by looking at the title and front cover.
  • Whilst reading a book you can ask the children questions, for example ‘what do you think is going to happen next?’, or ‘how do you think she is feeling now?’