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Morning Prayers.


Morning Prayer


This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of happiness,

Let love abide here

Love of one another,

Love of Mankind,

Love of life itself,

Let us remember that.

so many hands build a house and

so many hearts make a school.



School Prayer.


Please Bless our school,

as we try to love, learn, share and respect

in the light of Jesus.


St Alban Pray for us.


9.10 - 9.25 - Zoom

Welcome to another week! We look forward to seeing you all on zoom this morning guiding you through the lessons of the day! 


If you have time, try our 'Fix the paragraph' morning starter activity, there are 11 mistakes to find. Can you guess who the character being described?

9:30 - 10:10 - English with Oak Academy

You have done so much work on fronted adverbials this year you should be feeling ready to teach it! Still not quite there? That's OK too. Today's Oak Academy lesson is a short one looking at how we can use fronted adverbials to enhance our writing. As it's a short one we'd like you to do your SPaG in the time you have left before break. 


Don't forget the commas!!

10:10 - 10 :30 - SPaG


Today we look at using possessive apostrophes for singular nouns and we continue our practice with words having silent letters. 

11 - 12 - Maths

We continue our topic of looking at tables today. We have some more train time tables so it is good practice for us to keep improving. A lot of the questions are working on how long journeys are taking so if you found this tricky yesterday, this lesson should help you a bit more on how to understand this. Good luck! 

Mrs Ghosh's Maths Group (Graphs)
12 - 12:30 - PE with Joe Wicks

Before Lunch Prayer


Bless us O Lord,

and these thy gifts,

for which we are about to receive,

from thy bounty,

through Jesus Christ Our Lord,



After Lunch Prayer


Thankyou God for the food we have eaten,

thankyou for our family and friends, 

thankyou God for everything.


1:30 - 2 - RE Part 1

Start your RE work now and complete it after your afternoon zoom call at 2pm.


Year 5 Rowan, you are starting a new topic on Inspirational People today. Who's inspirational to you I wonder?


Year 5 Maple, you are on your third lesson of the Ten Commandments. Today you will be thinking about whether they are still relevant today...

2 - 2:10 - Zoom Catch-up
2:15 - 3:00 - RE Part 2

End Of Day Prayer

Spirit of God,

Come live in me,

Make me the person you want me to be,

humble and pure,

faithful and free,

Spirit of God come live in me.