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Prayers from our weekly newsletter

Prayer 7th February 2020

Dear God,

Thank you for the different creatures and cultures in our world.

Help us to feel lucky for what we have.

Thank you for family and the lots of different types of families that there are.

Thank you for loving each person in every family.

Help us to see each family as special and important, even when it is different from our own.


Year 1 Hawthorn’s Assembly Prayer

Prayer 31st January 2020

Loving Father,

Help us to follow Jesus’ call to love as He loves

And to forgive as He forgives

So that the world will know that we are God’s children


Prayer 24th January 2020

Dear God,

We thank you for giving us your peace.

Help us to spread peace at home and at school by loving and caring for one another.

Help us to spread peace by listening to one another, even when we don’t agree.

Let us pray every day for peace for our families, our friends, ourselves and our world.


Prayer 17th January 2020

Father, our beloved Father,

look down with mercy on us and all refugees. 

Remember your son, our Lord Jesus Christ,

had to leave his homeland and flee to Egypt,

when he was a baby,

with his mother, Mary,

and foster father, Joseph.

Help us to be aware

of the fears, anxiety, pain, sorrow,

difficulties and uncertainty all refugees suffer,

and to remember that we all belong

to the same human family.

Holy Spirit,

please give us compassion and courage

to help them in any way we can.


Year  6 Assembly Prayer

Prayer 10th January 2020


of wonder,

Help us to have as much faith as the wise men

Who followed your star to find Jesus.

Lead us down the right paths and

Help us to recognise Jesus in the people we meet

as we travel

through life