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Home Learning - DECEMBER 2021

DECEMBER 2021 Home Learning


This week we are starting our english topic of News. Using websites such as BBC Newsround and other child friendly news websites, can you fill in the table of the Newspaper toolkit?


If you have newspapers at home this would be a great time to have a read and get to know the structure and content of effective news reports.


Once you have filled in the gaps you can give each feature a colour and shade in the boxes.

News Articles English Task 1

For your next task, have a go at writing your own effective news headlines.

For task 6, it is really important for any news article that there are good quotations from witnesses or other people involved ibn the story. Work through the power point before having a go at interviewing someone to practise those journalistic skills. A previous lesson we have done was writing in direct and reported speech. Once you get your answers, it would be great practice if you could write out your quotations using a combination of direct and reported speech. If you need to look back on that previous lesson then that is available above.  As an extension, could you even introduce the person using parenthesis? 

For task 7, we would like to complete a little review of what we have learned about in relation to news reports so far. Work through the power point to give your self a reminder of each of the key features of a news report. Following this, choose ONE of the news article examples and try and locate all of the features mentioned in the powerpoint. You can do this in a couple of different ways. If you wanted, you can highlight each feature in a different colour on the sheet or you could write down the feature name and next to it write the example from the article. This is all good preparation for us going to write our own full article next week!

English for the final week of term will come under RE.


Maths- Division

Work through the power point and complete any questions on it before attempting the worksheets provided for the division.

Maths- Division 2

Maths Task 3 - Multiplication and Division Chapter Review

New Maths Topic- Graphs

For this lesson, the documents needed are in order of when you should attempt them. 


Try and follow the power point to help learn how to read line graphs. For the guided Practice there are sheets with 3 levels of difficulty. Attempt the level that you can do but does still feel like a challenge. You do not want it to be too easy nor do you want it to be too difficult.


Geography Lesson 4- Understanding Local Changes


Task 1

We have been learning about how Moses led the Israelites away from slavery and away from the Egyptians in the Old Testament.


For this task, we would like you to write a letter to Moses , as if you were one of the Israelite slaves that he has led away. Attached is a document with the events that we would like you to include and an example of a good letter. 


We would like you to not just include what was happening but how you were feeling, for example, at the start of the events you may have been doubtful that Moses would be able to actually convince the Pharaoh to let you go. Then, at the Red Sea you would have been scared at first as there was seemingly no way to cross, but  when Moses parted the see you would have been in of his power.

Task two is starting to bring together the skills you have been learning in English and the learning we have been doing in RE. 

Firstly, use the powerpoint to complete your learning on Moses and the Israelites' journey and the New Covenant that God has made with his people through Jesus.


We are going to write a News Article as if we were there at the time and we are reporting on Jesus' birth. Once you have completed the tasks (questions) on the powerpoint, have a go at planning the different sections of your news article. Try and think of a really catchy title and decide on who you think is important enough to use quotes from in your article. 


We will be doing another couple of lessons on this before finally creating an effective news article! 

This lesson will require you to try and take the role of the journalist in the time of Jesus' birth! 

Use the power point to first come up with your parenthesis to explain why you are quoting these people. (If you need a reminder of what Parenthesis is, the lesson is still on the site under the English topic area) 

You will complete this lesson by coming up with both questions and then the answers that each of the characters would give to those questions.

Using the checklist and all of your previous english lessons on news, you are now going to write your news article based on the birth of Jesus. Using the plans you came up with recently and the quotes you gathered yesterday, write a detailed article explaining the events of the nativity as if you are writing in the time and that the Birth has just happened. Remember to keep it factual and informative while using appropriate quotations at the correct times in the story. For example, do not be using a quote from King Herod while you are reporting on Mary being visited by Angel Gabriel. 


Good Luck!



We are finishing our Forces of nature topic by studying some simple machines.

Lesson 1 - Simple Machines - Attempt the sheet at the level you are most comfortable with,