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Remember to have breaks, snacks and a good lunch to keep you going!
8:55 Welcome to Week 2!

9:00-9:30 PE

Joe Wicks is leading a new workout on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What a great start to the Day! 

9:30-10:30 English Oak National Academy

Click on the link below and then click and listen to lesson 1 - Enjoy!

11:00-12:00 Maths No Problem!

Remember to play as a slideshow so you can hear the teacher.

Prior to the lesson please print:

slide 6 - Mrs Sherratt/Wakefield 

slide 7 - Mrs Wells/Zorenyi



1:00-1:30 Phonics

Mrs Sherratt/Miss Wakefield's Group


Please remember to show the PowerPoint in 'slide show' mode, and use the full screen for the video clip.

Mrs Wells and Mrs Zorenyi's Phonics Group.

1:30-2:30 Geography (Topic)  FOR SUBMISSION
2:30-2:45 Mrs Cooke's Assembly

2:45-3:00 Reading

Story Time and quiet reading to finish of your day!