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School Uniform



Pre-loved Uniform

We have an abundance of pre-loved school uniform in school. To request any items of uniform please contact and add your child's name, class and size. 





All clothing and shoes should be clearly marked with the child’s name. 


WINTER UNIFORM (may usually be worn from October half term until Easter)

Navy jumper/cardigan

          Blue shirt        

          Grey trousers/Navy skirt/navy pinafore

          Black/navy shoes

          St Alban's School Tie   (available from Finesse or Classworx, Macclesfield)               


         SUMMER UNIFORM (may usually be worn from after the Easter break until October half        term)

Navy jumper/cardigan

Blue polo shirt/Blue Shirt and St Alban's School Tie

Blue summer dress

Grey shorts/trousers             

Black shoes/sandals


For P.E., all children should wear a blue t-shirt, blue shorts and pumps. They may wear suitable clothing for outdoor PE lessons such as joggers. It is essential, for safety reasons, that all children wear trainers for outdoor PE, not pumps.


Children will also need a rucksack style bag (bags with the school emblem are available from Classworx and Finesse,  but other bags can be used) .


Please note, for health and safety reasons, jewellery must not be worn in School at any time.







Please follow the link below for our Uniform Policy.