Welcome to the St Alban's Catholic Primary School website!


We have set out each day similar to how we would work in school, but feel free to swap lessons around.

Please remember to have breaks, snacks and a good lunch to keep you going!


Where possible, we have included answers to the work. We encourage the children to use these to mark their work after they have tried their hardest on it. This way, they can see where they've done well and discuss what they found tricky with an adult at home, or email it to their Year 5 teachers so they can help them with it. Remember, it is not about getting perfect marks but trying your best. The best learning happens when we make mistakes. Keep up the fantastic work everyone smiley

Morning Prayers.


Morning Prayer


This is our school,

Let peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of happiness,

Let love abide here

Love of one another,

Love of Mankind,

Love of life itself,

Let us remember that.

so many hands build a house and

so many hearts make a school.



School Prayer.


Please Bless our school,

as we try to love, learn, share and respect

in the light of Jesus.


St Alban Pray for us.


Year 5 Welcome Assembly!


Good morning! Hope you all had a lovely weekend this is just a quick word on the week of work ahead. 



9.00-9.30 - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Our first full week of home learning begins with our new voiced over SPaG lessons.


The grammar focus for this week is Prepositions and the spelling focus is 'shun' words.



9:30 - 10:30 - English with Oak Academy

In today's lesson you will watch some clips from the film Oliver and think about using the best vocabulary to describe the settings, characters and action. To do this lesson you will need a pen/pencil and paper, some creative thinking and you might find the word mats below helpful to have to hand too.



11 - 11:30 - PE with Joe Wicks

Lockdown is back so Joe Wicks is back! His first lesson back is today, it will be a nice 20 minute workout to get your blood bumping and brain and muscles feeling good too. smiley

11.30 -12.30 Maths

Year 5 Maths (Bus Stop Method with Remainders)

Today's maths lesson is a continuation of the bus stop method. This lesson however, will go through what happens when we have an amount left over at the end of our divisions leaving us with 'remainders.'


The presentations have some explanation with the slides, I hope they are clear to hear and understand. We had to split the power point into two documents as they it was a little bit too large to put on the website. They have been put below in the order they need to be done.


Good Luck!

Mrs Ghosh's Maths Group (Dividing 2 digit numbers)

Today you are introduced to using the 'bus stop method' to divide. I recommend doing this lesson at a point in the day were an adult is able to give support to the teaching slides of this presentation.

If you feel this maths is too difficult for your child to learn at home please get in touch with the Year 5 teachers.

This video may help if you need more support: 

Before Lunch Prayer


Bless us O Lord,

and these thy gifts,

for which we are about to receive,

through Jesus Christ Our Lord,



After Lunch Prayer


Thankyou God for the food we have eaten,

thankyou for our family and friends, 

thankyou God for everything.


1:30 - 2:30 - RE (Moses)

In this RE topic we are studying covenants that God has made with His people. A covenant with God is a Holy promise. We have looked at Noah, Abraham and now we are looking at Moses. Year 5 Rowan are a couple of lessons ahead of Year 5 Maple on this topic, so please choose today's work from your class.


Year 5 Maple - Background to Moses and Moses's early life.

As part of today's lesson you will think about the how God guides and challenges those He loves. We see this all the way through the bible but especially in the story of Moses. Look through the presentation and work through the tasks. There are a couple of videos to watch to help you understand the story.


Year 5 Rowan - The 10 Commandments

You have studied the story of how Moses came to be an important person in God's rescue plan for the Israelites and how, through their trust in God, they managed to flee slavery from the Egyptians. However, getting through the Red Sea was far from the end of their story, their difficulties or God's guiding guiding hand.


Today you are going to learn about the Israelites journey after crossing the Red Sea and the 10 commandments, which are still important to our lives today.


There is a presentation to look at and some videos to watch. You can either answer questions from the presentation into your book or print of the worksheets provided. We recommend having a bible handy to! (Remember, if you don't have a bible in your house is a great online bible).

2:30 - 2:45 - Head Teacher's Assembly

Look at this presentation to hear from Mrs Cooke for some thoughts for your week.

2:45 - 3:00 - Quiet Reading

Enjoy unwinding from your busy day by getting lost in your own book. smiley

End Of Day Prayer


Spirit of God,

Come live in me,

Make me the person you want me to be,

humble and pure,

faithful and free,

Spirit of God come live in me.