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Welcome to another week of Home School Learning. We are so proud of all the work you are doing, how well you are developing and your participation through zoom and emails. Thank you also to all the parents and carers who are supporting you and working so hard to make your homes into places of learning on top of so many other commitments and responsibilities. We are grateful for all your support and feedback.


Learning Workshops

We are excited to begin our learning workshops this week! Though it is likely to face some teething problems that all new enterprises tend to have, we cannot wait to have the opportunity to connect with you and offer some tailored support to all the children learning at home at the moment.


For your learning workshop, please have to hand your homeschool book, a pencil/pen and any material we've asked you to look at before hand. For Mr Greener and Mrs Greens groups, if you have a morning session (either 9.30am or 11am) then you spend some time looking at maths and writing. For the afternoon sessions (1.30pm) you will spend some time on comprehension and guided reading materials. Mrs Hanson's group will be following their own scheme of learning.


Thank you,

The Year 5 Team smiley


9.10 - 9.30 - Get Ready for the Day and Poem

Welcome to another week! We look forward to seeing you all on zoom this morning guiding you through the lessons of the day! 


In preparation for your zoom learning workshop, please download this poem, read it and think about/record answers to these three questions:

1) Who's point of view is the poem written from?

2) What three facts can you tell me about the author of the poem?

3) How does the poem make you feel?

9.30 - 10.30 -English with Oak Academy *Submission

Today you will be writing the first part of a narrative scene. Two weeks ago you did this when you looked at Oliver waking up in the market place and meeting Dodger. Last week, you spent lots of time developing ideas around Oliver making his way to meet Fagin. Today you will start to put all these ideas and skills into practice.


We were extremely impressed with the build-ups you wrote last time and look forward to reading your narratives this week.


There is a sheet to help you with your planning when you watch the short clip and some word mats to help you stretch your vocabulary.

11-12 - Maths

Please see your groups maths work for today

Year 5 Maths (Graphs)

We are continuing with our graphs topic which everyone is not only working very hard with, but you are all doing fantastically well and showing brilliant levels of understanding. Keep it up!

Mrs Ghosh's Maths Group (Fractions)

12.00 - 12.30 SPaG.


Today we are finishing looking at plurals and possessive apostrophes for the time being before moving on to another aspect of grammar and our new spellings for the week are words ending in -ant , -ance and -ancy . 

1:30 - 2:40 - Topic

2:45 - 3 - Head Teacher's Assembly