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Art Club


Art Club is on a Wednesday Night and places are offered to a different year group each half term. Look out for your year group as places are limited and picked out of a hat. Art club is popular and if you are given a place, please try and attend all the sessions.

With thanks, Mrs Wadsworth and Mrs Oyinloye x

Year 5 Art Club - Diversity Composition currently on display at All Hallows

Terracotta bowls, clay thumb pots and Space Art

Year 4 - South American Animals and Seaside Observational Art

Year 6 - South American Animal Art on Clay (Mayan and Aztec Links)

Year 3 Coast and Seaside Art - replica clay fossils and beach treasure compositions

Year 2 - Autumn Trees and Message Stones

Year 5 Art Club

We have been looking at space art to link in with the science topic Y5 have been studying in class. We created a background of space and stars using acrylic paint, then added planets and moons using oil and chalk pastel. Lastly we added astronauts to the foreground in pencil or ink. In between creating our space masterpieces we also painted the backdrop for the Year 6 performance of 'Rock Bottom'.

Year 6 Art Club

We have been looking at Mayan Symbols linking to the Year 6 Geography topic. We have copied symbols and even edited them slightly using parts of the designs that we liked. We have then used the ideas to carve into soap. Our soap carving made amazing imprints into our clay Mayan bowls. 

Year 3 Art Club


We have been looking at Stone Age art to link with the Y3 History topic. We created the designs by carving into the wet clay, then when dry, we used paint to decorate. We have also used watercolour paint to show British leaves to be displayed in the community gardens in Macclesfield.

Year 4 Art Club


We have been looking at animals native to the 'Americas' to tie in with the Y4 Geography topic. We have used pen, wax resist and ink to create these amazing pictures!

Year 2 Art Club


In Art Club we look at different artists and use chosen pieces of art to create and develop our own ideas. We also do art using and exploring all different media, skills and techniques.

Year 1

Springtime pointillism!