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Dear Parents,


Week beginning 4 February 2019


Please note that this will be the last week for guided reading homework as week beginning 11th February will be topic and science week.



We will be finishing our theatre trip recount and will be moving on to spelling and grammar revision.  In grammar we will be looking at adding apostrophes to both single and plural nouns and how to accurately apply commas to lists.


Spellings: Please see homework sheet below.



The children will be continuing our topic of measure, in particular 'Length'.  We are now moving on to converting between metres and kilometres.  The homework sheet below gives a website to practice converting them.



Thank you for all the diet sheets.  If you haven't managed to return them yet, please would you make sure they are in on Monday.  We will be looking at the different food groups and how we can use these to ensure a balanced and healthy diet.


Guided Reading

Thank you for your support with the guided reading.  Please ensure your child's guided reading (yellow) book is handed in the day before your child reads.  On the front cover of their yellow books you will see a sticker and that tells you the day your child's homework should be in:


Dr Suess:   Reading group Monday, homework due in on Monday

Lear:        Reading group Tuesday, homework due in on Monday

Stevenson:  Reading group Wednesday, homework due in on Tuesday

Elliot:       Reading group Thursday, homework due in on Wednesday

Wordsworth: Reading group Friday, homework due in on Thursday.



Times tables Tests

Every Thursday or Friday your child will  have a times table test.  The children get 40 questions in 3 minutes!  Therefore they need to be able to mentally recall them at speed. Children who score 35 or more out of 40 are moved on to the next times table. When they have attained their 3, 4, and 8 times tables your child will move on to all the times tables to 12 and then the inverse (division).  


I would be very grateful for parent's support in helping your child learn their times tables. Please practice these at home as some of the children are still on their x2.  Please see the websites below to help your child.  Learn a few each day and test your child (going to school by car, bus, walking!). e.g. 1 x2, 2x 2, 3 x2.   Rehearse these for a couple of days and then add a couple more e.g. 4x 2, 5 x2, and then get your child to rapidly recall the ones you have learnt.  Keep building upon this.


Lots of games are available to help your child, some of the them listed at the bottom of this page.




This term's topic is Europe starting with GB first.  We have been looking at where cities are located in the UK. Next week we will look at cardinal directions locating where cities are in relation to each other e.g. Manchester is North West of London.


Homework books (orange covers)

Please ensure these books are returned no later than a Thursday.  I like to write their spelling test scores in the book and place their next weeks' homework in.  I like to do this on a Thursday evening and not when the children arrive on a Friday morning as this delays getting on with the day's lessons!



Please ensure your child has their PE Kit at all times in school.  PE is currently on a Wednesday and Friday.


With thanks and best wishes.


Mrs Smith




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