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8:50-9:10 - Guided Reading
9:10-9:25 - Live Morning Register

9.30-10.00 - Phonics

Click the links to access the pre-recorded teaching slides and then complete the corresponding activity below.


Miss Bailey’s Group -

Mrs Clarke and Mr Richardson's Group -
10.30-11.30 - English
12:30-12:45 - Live Afternoon Register
12.45-1.45 - Maths

2.00-3.00 - Topic

We will continue to look at our new Geography topic ‘People and their Communities’. Today we will be thinking about what it is like to live near the coast. Follow the powerpoint which will help you understand what the coast is like, and to see it through the eyes of someone who lives there. Complete the short activity sheet below afterwards.

Next, can you role play one of the coastal jobs that you have learned about? For example, could you become a hotel manager and organise a desk where you can check family members into your hotel before showing them to their hotel room and getting them things they need if they ask for room service? Or could you become an ice-cream seller and set up a little shop in your home for family members to visit? You would need posters to show them what they can buy. Don’t forget to include your prices too and use your maths skills to work out how much change they will need! You could either use print outs to design your own ice-creams, use plastic/wooden food if you have them, use your imagination with other objects from around your home (such as pompoms) or if you are very lucky and have some ice-cream at home you could perhaps use some of the real thing!