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8:50-9:10 - Guided Reading

As well as accessing ebooks through Oxford Owl (link below), there are some great apps to help with reading, such as Reading Eggs and Teach Your Monster to Read (the computer version of this is free). Spend 20 minutes enjoying a good book that you have got at home, an ebook or one of the reading apps.

9:10-9:25 - Live Morning Register


9.30-10.00 - Phonics

Click the links to access the pre-recorded teaching slides and then complete the corresponding activity below.


Miss Bailey’s Group -

Mrs Clarke and Mr Richardson's Group -
10.30-11.30 - English

12:30-1:30 - Maths

2.00-3.00 - Science

Take a look at the slides on our presentation, and see if you can answer the questions. Once you have learned about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, have a go at the first activity by choosing one animal that you think belongs to each of the groups. Continue the presentation to hear more about camouflage, then have a go at answering the final question on the second activity sheet.

After completing the lesson, listen to Mr Clarke’s presentation to hear the answers to some of the questions you asked him last week about the North and South Pole.