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We have set out each day as we would work in school, but feel free to swap lessons around.

Please remember to have breaks, snacks and a good lunch to keep you going!

9:00-9:30 - Guided Reading

9.30-10.00 - Phonics

Click the links to access the pre-recorded teaching slides and then complete the corresponding activity below.


Miss Bailey’s Group -

Mrs Clarke and Mr Richardson's Group -
10.30-11.30 - English
12.30-1.30 - Maths

2.00-3.00 - R.E

We have already learned that a family is a group of people that care for each other and support each other. We all have a family at home, at school, and even a church family.

Have any of you been inside a Church before? What was happening? Why do you think people go to Church? Watch this video to hear about what other children know happens in a church and then write a few sentences about what happens in a church.