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8:50-9:10 - Guided Reading

As well as accessing ebooks through Oxford Owl (link below), there are some great apps to help with reading, such as Reading Eggs and Teach Your Monster to Read (the computer version of this is free). Spend 20 minutes enjoying a good book that you have got at home, an ebook or one of the reading apps.

9:10-9:25 - Live Morning Register


9.30-10.00 - Phonics

Click the links to access the pre-recorded teaching slides and then complete the corresponding activity below.


Miss Bailey’s Group -

Mrs Clarke and Mr Richardson's Group -

10.30-11.30 - English

Watch the following clips to hear about Chinese new year. Imagine that you are there, and fill in the sheet with noun phrases for the different things you can see, hear, touch or taste. Finally, using your notes and the knowledge you have re-capped this week, have a go at writing a descriptive paragraph about Chinese New Year. For example, the noun phrase ‘orange streamers’ could be built upon and written as a sentence like this:

‘Bright yellow and orange streamers danced through the sky’.


You can then join your different sentences together to form the paragraph, as has been done below:

Chinese New Year had arrived and anticipation filled the streets. Bright yellow and orange streamers danced through the air. Wisps of ashy smoke escaped from the snapping firecrackers and tickled my nostrils. Colourful dragons made from soft materials wiggled like snakes through the parade. Paper lanterns had been hung carefully as a sign of good luck. Every eye in the crowd glistened with the reflection of the excitement before us. When I looked up I saw the most beautiful confetti fluttering down and it looked like glitter had been thrown into the sky….


The picture at the top of your writing sheet may also help you think of interesting sentences. Remember, we looked at how we write sentences so that they make sense, use capital letters and full stops and how we can include adjectives and noun phrases to make our writing exciting. Make sure you use this to make your writing the best it can be!

12.30-1.30 - Maths

2.00-3.00 - R.E.