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8:50-9:10 - Guided Reading

9:10-9:25 - Live Morning Register


9.30-10.00 - Phonics

Click the links to access the pre-recorded teaching slides and then complete the corresponding activity below.


Miss Bailey’s Group -

Mrs Clarke and Mr Richardson's Group -
10.30-11.30 - English

12:30-12:45 - Live Afternoon Register


12.45-1.45 - Maths

2.00-3.00 - R.E.

We have already learned about what a family is and what we do in a church. In R.E. today, we will be looking at the Presentation story, where Jesus’ family took him to the Temple as a baby and we will think about why this was a special celebration. Begin by thinking of a time when your family took you somewhere special. Did you have a fun day out? Who went?

Jesus was part of the Jewish faith, so after he was born Mary and Joseph took him to the Temple to dedicate him to God. A Temple is similar to our Church. Read the children’s Bible story below and/or watch the video clip to find out about the day. There are some questions on the reading page that you could discuss/think about to deepen your understanding. Have a think about why it was such a special day for the different people, and write a few sentences explaining what you think.

Extension – Can you re-write the story in your own words?