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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We passionately believe in ensuring the best provision for all our children.  We are an inclusive school and offer a range of expertise, experience and resources to meet the needs of all our learners.


If you would like further information about SEND at St Alban's please contact our Special Needs Coordinator,  Laura Eddowes at


Professionals at St Alban's with an expertise in SEND are:-


Anne Hanson (Certified Dyslexia Specialist) who is a specialist teacher of pupils with Dyslexia and has successfully led St Alban's in the achievement of the British Dyslexia Friendly Quality Kite Mark.


Ria Heald (School Social Worker) who supports children through emotional, social and behavioural issues.





From September 2014 we are obliged to publish a local offer detailing the nature of SEND provision at our school.  Please find below.





There are a number of sources of further information, help and advice avaliable for parents of children with Special Educational needs.


Please ask for help in school by speaking to Laura Eddowes or by following the links below:

Cheshire East Information Advice and Support (formerly Parent Partnership) offer a range of confidential services to parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs in Cheshire East:


Cheshire East Parents and Carers Voice is a group of parents, carers and professionals who aim to enable parents' views and experiences to improve services and outcomes for our children and young people.


Space4Autism are an Autism support group who offer support and advice as well as training and activity sessions for children and their families.


Contact a Family are a national organisation providing comprehensive support and advice about a wealth of isses surrounding special eduactional needs.


CARITAS is a counselling service run by the Salford Diocese and offers a wide range of professional services to support, help and stand alongside children, parents, carers and family members.

Dyslexia Information

As a Dyslexia school, we will provide quality teaching, differentiated as needed.  We will identify and respond to unexpected difficulties, actively working to include all students so they can achieve in all areas of learning.


We feel that more children are successful when taught using dyslexia friendly teaching methods.  By teaching in this way, we aim to make our teaching and learning fully accessible to all students.  We will try and discover how each student learns best and we will use a variety of multisensory activities including practical activities ICT, using eyes, ear, speech, fingers, to stimulate learning.


We will use different methods of recording in all areas of the curriculum such as pictures, Dictaphones, photographs of activities and practical outcomes so that students are not always using writing.


We aim to enable to use their strengths for learning while developing the areas they find more difficult.

Parent Champions


The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust supports parents across the UK. The Trust supports parents and carers of children with dyslexia and specific learning difficulties through the expertise of their partner organisations. Collectively they have a wealth of expertise; they are Dyslexia Action, The British Dyslexia Association, Springboard for Children and Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre.


Please follow the link below for more information.

The British Dyslexia Association


The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) campaigns for a dyslexia friendly society where barriers to dyslexic people do not exist. The BDA works to ensure that ALL people with dyslexia fulfil their potential. To achieve this we need to create change, set standards and support and enable people. It is the voice of dyslexic people; it listens to their views, represents their agendas and presses for long lasting sustainable change.




Telephone:  0333 4054567

Parent Tips on Dyslexia

See dyslexia differently with intro by Dom Wood

This is a special version of the See dyslexia differently animation for schools with an introduction by Dom Wood (TV presenter and entertainer). Supporting teaching materials can be found on the BDA website: This animation seeks to preempt misconceptions among young audiences by shedding light on the real challenges dyslexic children face whilst also acknowledging their strengths and potential.

SEN Reform


The Children and Families Bill has now become an act of parliament and can be seen here:

The act will become statutory from September 2014 proposes some of the biggest changes to Special Educational Needs for many years.

The SEN team in school are keeping abreast of these proposed changes through a planned programme of training on behalf of Cheshire East LA, and this page will be updated with more detailed information as we recieve it.

In light of the proposed changes regarding the Special Needs Code of Practice, Cheshire East have been developing work around a "local offer".  Further information about this can be found here:


For further information in the meantime please contact Laura Eddowes in school or you may wish to follow the links below:


A summary of the main provision set out in the bill

Ipsea off free legal advice to parents regarding local authority commitment to SEN - they have some useful articles relating to the proposed changes