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Handwriting Bootcamp

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Here is a video of 'pupil voice' having received a handwriting Bootcamp intervention. It also shows examples of best practice in handwriting in our school. This includes development of gross motor skills in Early Years Foudation Stage then refining fine motor skills to enable children to become fluent and efficient writers.


At St. Alban’s Catholic Primary School, our aim is for every one of our children to become independent, confident readers. Above all, we want our children to enjoy reading and from this to find their own motivation to read.

At St. Alban’s we place the greatest importance on helping to create children as readers. This means we invest huge amounts to ensure our children all become competent readers. All of our children receive first quality teaching for all areas of the curriculum including reading, writing and phonics. The phonics teaching begins in Pre-school and continues throughout the Early Years Foundations Stage, throughout Year One and Two and often into Year Three. Our phonics teaching has an extremely high success rate. This first quality teaching within the classroom is often enough for many children to learn to read and write successfully however other children need extra support.

At St. Alban’s, we provide varying degrees of support for any reader who is struggling, needs a little extra support or a boost to help maintain their progress in reading,  as outlined below.

Reading Volunteers

We are very lucky to have a small army  of volunteers who we train to read with the children. The aim of this is to work with children in our school and offer support on a one to one basis as they become more confident readers. These sessions allow our children to find  more enjoyment in text, to improve reading accuracy and smoothness or fluency in reading. It helps our children to become more independent and helps to develop strategies so that they know what to do at the point of difficulty. We want our readers’ to read with understanding and to pose questions about what they read and to have more confidence when approaching reading tasks.







Celebrating our reading success with footballers from

Macclesfield Town Football Club!

The children had a fantastic time sharing their ever improving reading ability when they had the chance to read a story to footballers from the first team squad when they dropped by at St. Alban's for the afternoon! Thanks so much to Mr. and Mrs. Askey for helping us to arrange this special afternoon and to the footballers for giving up their time and for making some little readers very happy.


Outdoor Library! Our Key Stage 1 children enjoying some books in the sunshine this afternoon.

Pupil Voice - How do the children at St. Alban's feel about this intervention?


"I am really enjoying reading with the Reception children. Although it has only been a few weeks I can already see an improvement in their levels of confidence and enjoyment when reading. Initially, some of the children were reluctant to read with me, or wanted to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Now, a number of them will come to find me and ask if it is their turn. 


I am constantly learning from the children to discover which methods work for them and keep their attention. Sometimes a child wants to choose a book that interests them. Other times they ask for a more challenging read. We use the white boards to practise writing tricky words and go through the book to pick out those words and repeat them.


I am always made to feel welcomed and valued by the teachers and assistants and have been given plenty of useful advice and tips to improve my skills as a reading coach. The reading recovery system I find is well organised and we know which children need to be seen if we have extra time or our children are unavailable.


Thank you for the support, training and mainly the opportunity of being part of the team of volunteers, I thoroughly enjoy it!"