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Pupil Responsibilities

Pupil Leadership at St Alban's. Meet our team.

Pupil Leadership: Year 6


Name:  Ruby  

Responsbility: Head Girl and Prefect


'I am Head Girl and my job is to make sure everyone is happy and to look after people.  I wanted this job to make sure everyone can find their voice so they don't have to be shy and they can speak out.  Also, my job is to go and help the School Council and to go to meetings with the Head Boy and Deputies.  I am also a Prefect which means I have to set a good example for everyone, especially the younger children.


I feel that my job is very important and it is a huge responsibility.  Someone needs to care about this job and so that is why I wanted to be Head Girl so I could be a role model.  Also, I didn't want to be Head Girl to show off, I genuinely wanted to show an example to younger children who are shy to be brave.  Lots of people wanted my job but I was the one who got the opportunity and I am very thankful'.



Pupil Leadership: Year 6


Name:  Rayhan 

Responsbility: Head Boy and Prefect


'As Head Boy I am a role model to the younger children and it is my responsibility to make sure they do the right things.  I represent the school and attend School Council meetings in the attempt to make the school a better and happier place.'



Pupil Leadership: Year 6


Name:  Charlotte  

Responsbility: Deputy Head Girl and Prefect


'I'm Deputy Head Girl and I feel that it's an important job to have because you are setting the example to the rest of the school.  It is also important because I feel like I am there to look after people and care for those in need.  I like my job because it requires a large amount of responsibility'



Pupil Leadership: Year 6


Name:  Zachary 

Responsbility: Deputy Head Boy and Prefect


'I am Deputy Head Boy and I go to School Council Meetings to see what I can do to help the school.  Also, I do jobs for Mrs Cooke and occasionally go to meetings with her.  I feel that my job is important because I do lots of things for the school like saying what new things we could have in school.  I feel really happy that I got the job even if it is sometimes hard.


I'm also a Prefect and have to be a really good role model for all the school by helping people if they are lonely and try to do my thing for the school.  I feel that Prefects are important because we show the little ones how to behave.'


Name:  Evie

My Responsibility:  House Captain and Prefect


'My job is a House Captain and I collect up house points from each Saint's House:  St Matthew, St Mark, St John and St Luke and add up how many points each House have.  I also present the trophy to the winning team on Sports Day.  I feel very happy about my job because I have wanted to be a House Captain since I was in year 4.  I am also very happy to be the captain of a House.  I think that my job is important because I can encourage people to be very good in the classroom so that they can earn Housepoints.  I can also help people in Sports and help them win points on Sports Day.


I am also a prefect which means that I have to be a good role model to the rest of the School.  I also have to set a good example to our Reception buddies.


Name: Peter: Recycling Officer

My Responsbility: Recycling Officer


'I am one of the Recycling Officers and we are meant to keep our school clean and to raise awareness about recycling. At the moment, we are running many different campaigns such as: Crisp Packet recycling - we collect all the empty crisp packets and store them in a box. All of them are sent off to Walker's to be dealt with; Recycle with Michelle is a clothes collection point and we then send the clothes to the Salvation Army; Collecting Stamps for the RNIB (The Royal National Institute for the Blind) and the Leprosy Mission.  Most Wednesday's we have meetings and are currently discussing a School Travel Plan.'  


Name: Riley: Recycling Officer

My Responsbility: Recycling Officer


'As one of the Recycling Officers I help the school become a more environmentally friendly school. We have a recycling team who all take part by going to meetings and walking around the playground to pick up empty crisp packets for the recycllng box.  I feel like I am playing a big role and I am being a huge help, not just in school but outside as well.  I think it is important because people do not take notice of the damage we are doing to our earth and that every little thing helps the cause of pollution to be stopped.'







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