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The tasks provided below are for if your child is off for a few days but is well enough to work. This is a stand-alone pack of skill activities to dip into.

Guidance for Spring Term 2021 (January - February Half Term)


We will work through 'Phase 3' where we will learn new consonant digraphs (e.g. ch, th), vowel digraphs (e.g. ai, ee), trigraphs (e.g. igh, ear) and new tricky words (e.g. he, she, we, me). There are phonics lessons to accompany each sound. (Please ignore that Miss Rushton says some lessons are for Mrs Dawson’s or Miss Rushton's phonics groups as these lessons are appropriate for all.)


In Maths, we will explore "Phase 4 - Alive in 5!"


Our new topic this half term is "Getting to Know Jesus." We will learn about Jesus as a little boy and as a grown-up. We will learn about Jesus' friends and some miracles that Jesus performed.