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Hello Year 1 parents/carers!


Welcome to your Home School Learning Folder 1. The tasks provided below are for if your child is off for a few days but is well enough to work – for example, they are awaiting test results. This is a stand-alone pack of skill activities to dip into. If the class or school is having to self isolate for a longer period of time, they should work from Folder 2.


We are sorry not to have your child with us in school over the next couple of days but hope that these resources can keep their mind busy. There are a variety of tasks which should keep them going for a couple of days, all related to what they are learning in Year 1. Where possible, we have uploaded the documents with the answers included.


In addition to these tasks, it would be an ideal time to build on your child's life skills (such as being able to tie shoe laces, tell the time or cook). Don't forget to have fun spending time together or give your child time to enjoy their own interests too (for example drawing, baking, learning an instrument or building things out of Lego)!


We look forward to seeing your child back in school soon!


Kind regards,


Miss Bailey, Mrs Clarke and Mr Richardson