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Welcome to our Pre School page.


Our topic this half term is traditional tales.  Each week we will look at a different story. So far we have made gingerbread men and planted our own bean stalks. Soon it will be Valentines day and ShroveTuesday when we will taste pancakes and talk about Lent.


Little Strikers will continue on a Wednesday morning.


Please visit this page for further upcoming news and events.


Pre School Session Times are:

Morning Session 8:45am - 11:45am

Lunch Club 11:45am - 12:15pm

Afternoon Session: 12:15pm - 3:15pm


We would like to congratulate Mrs Mercer for receiving a Highly Commended Award at the Nursery World Awards 2017

Fundraising for Children In Need

Mixing Colours

Mixing colours with friends

Still image for this video

Mixing Colours with friends- Part 2

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Spring Sing-a-Long 2017

Spring Sing-a-Long 2017 1

Many Thanks!

Many thanks to all the families and friends that came to support the children singing.  The children were fantastic!  We would also like to thank all those that sponsored the children.  You raised a massive £573.65 for the Pre School!  With the funds we have purchased equipment for the children including a giant caterpillar play centre, a wigwam and cosy wicker boat reading corner.

Parent Questionnaire 2017-2018


We would like to thank all those who returned a Parent Questionnaire in the Spring term 2018.  We received 32 questionnaires from a possible 60.  We were delighted with the response and have compiled the results for your information:


  • 100% of parents agreed that their child was happy at this Pre School, 84% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that their child was safe at this Pre School, 91% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that their child makes good progress, 83% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that their child is well looked after, 87% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that their child is well taught, 93% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that Pre School deals effectively with behaviour, 78% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that the Pre School is well led and managed, 91% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed the Pre School responds well to concerns, 79% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents agreed that the Pre School provides valuable information about their child's progress, 79% strongly agreed.
  • 100% of parents would recommend St Alban's Pre School to some one else.


Some Additional Comments from our Parents:


“Mrs Mercer and the team do a fantastic job and are a credit to St Albans”


“Fabulous Teaching! Fabulous environment!”


“Best Place for my children to go. I feel very confident in leaving my daughter even with all her additional needs. I appreciate the Facebook post so I can see what she has been doing. Thank you so much to you all!”


“A wonderful atmosphere, a happy, relaxed but well-structured environment conclusive with easy learning. The children are always excited and happy to come to school. Lots of confidence building in a caring setting.”


“Excellent, 100% recommend to my friends. Lots of improvement in child’s development and in speech.”


“Both of our boys have always looked forward to coming into Pre School. All of the teachers are always so welcoming to parents and children which makes the drop off a joy!”


“The way Pre School is managed is wonderful and greatly organised as well. Thanks to all the teachers. Please keep up the good work.”


“My Child is very happy at Pre School and loves her Pre School days”


Pre School Prospectus 2017 - 2018



Outstanding Pre School Ofsted Report June 2015

Lottery and Inter Macc Funding, Autumn Term 2016

Little Strikers Muti sports with Macclesfield Town Football Club

Barnaby Space Balloon Launch

Barnaby Space Balloon Launch 1
Barnaby Space Balloon Launch 2
The Pre School children had the opportunity to see the Barnaby Space Balloon before it's launch on Thursday, the balloon was set off from Welshpool. The balloon reached an altitude of over 30,000m, breaking previous records. 
To watch the launch and footage from the balloon please visit the You Tube link below. 

Pre School Children's Art work for Parish Centre Exhibition

Pre School Children's Art work for Parish Centre Exhibition 1

People Who Help Us - Ambulance

Meet Our Pre School Staff

Meet Our Pre School Staff 1 Mrs Mercer - Head Of Pre School
Meet Our Pre School Staff 2 Mrs Jackson- Finance Officer
Meet Our Pre School Staff 3 Mrs Poulton - Finance Officer
Meet Our Pre School Staff 4 Mrs Wardle - Lead Practitioner
Meet Our Pre School Staff 5 Mrs Barsby - Lead Practitioner
Meet Our Pre School Staff 6 Mrs Siedlecka - Lead Practitioner
Meet Our Pre School Staff 7 Mrs Gregson - Lead Practitioner
Meet Our Pre School Staff 8 Miss Coveney - Lead Practitioner
Meet Our Pre School Staff 9 Mrs Stefaniak - Practitioner
Meet Our Pre School Staff 10 Mrs Siddy - Lunch Club Assistant
Meet Our Pre School Staff 11 Miss Kimpton- Lunch Club Assistant/ Support Staff



St Alban’s Pre School was established in 1981 and has continued to thrive and develop since then.  Our fully qualified and very experienced staff meet the needs of all our children in promoting their independence and developing their skills for the future.  We operate a Key Person system with a high ratio of staff to children.




At St Alban’s Pre School we aim to offer a safe, stimulating, fun, warm and friendly environment.  Children are able to enjoy learning, promote their independence and grow in confidence.



We aim to provide:

  • A safe, secure setting where all the children feel included, respected and valued.
  • A well planned and organised environment, with a carefully structured curriculum that builds on what the children have already achieved and provides opportunities for teaching and learning, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Experienced and well trained staff that understand how children develop and learn across all areas of the curriculum.
  • A setting where parents and practitioners work together and have a positive effect on the children’s learning.


At St Alban's Pre School we endeavour to provide an opportunity for every child to learn through play in a safe stimulating environment, use their imagination and creativity and gain confidence by developing their skills and abilities.


St. Alban’s Pre School is a happy, thriving community of Pre School children and staff. The group are housed in a classroom in the grounds of St. Alban’s School. The premises are well stocked with a range of quality equipment.  The Pre School also has a wonderful outside classroom with free access.


The hard-working and committed staff are employed by the governing body of St. Alban’s School – the school to which we hope the children will transfer when they become eligible for full-time education.



St. Alban’s Pre School is not directly funded by the Local Authority. From the term after their third birthday,  Pre School children do receive grants from the Local Authority for up to 15 hours.  For the younger children fees will be chargeable – please contact Mrs Mercer for details. For the 2017/18 year fees will be £12 (3 hours) per session.



In order to promote a high quality Pre School education for our children we have formulated a number of policies which are available below.


Session Times

Pre School sessions are as follows:-

Mornings: 8.45am – 11.45am

Afternoons: 12.15pm – 3.15pm

All Day: 8:45am - 3.15pm

Lunch Club 11:45 - 12:15pm


Complaints Procedure

In the event of any problems, difficulties or worries about your child at Pre School, a member of staff will be available for you to speak to at any time during a Pre School session. Mrs Mercer is available at all sessions and your child’s key person will be available, if not working that day, by appointment at the earliest opportunity.


If you are unsure about any aspect of how Pre School is run, please ask. Pre School is always looking for help in many different ways, perhaps you are just the person we need. 


Please contact Mrs Mercer on 01625 431929 for more details or download our latest prospectus.

Education Programs and Activity

Please look around our Pre School

Pre School Policies

3.0 Staff Qualifications, Training, Support and Skills

5.0 Staff:Child Ratios

7.0 Parental Partnership

9.0 Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement: Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment

Guide for Schools - Understanding Epilepsy